Allied Glazing Systems offers an eco-conscious approach to commercial glazing

13th Mar 2020 | Posted In Company

Sustainability and environmental impact are high on the agenda for the Construction industry and as a supplier to a number of large contractors in the UK, we are conscious that the glazing element of a build has a large part to play when it comes to its impact on the environment and the ultimate efficiency of the finished building.

Our construction clients are increasingly looking for window systems that not only meet all the requirements from an aesthetics and quality point of view, but that also perform from an eco-friendly and sustainability point of view, which often includes helping to achieve BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) rating and Passivhauf standard, along with other assessments.

We are proud to offer glazing systems from market leaders Senior Architectural Systems and Comar that put protecting the environment at the heart of their products, including features such as high thermal efficiency. With 100% recyclable options that have thermal barriers to allow the achievement of ultra-low U-values and systems with life expectancies in excess of 40 years, our industry is constantly improving to help reduce waste and emissions.

Today marks Aluminium Day, a day to celebrate the sustainability of the material we are proud to use every-day in the manufacture of our window systems. As our supplier Comar highlights: “Architects have been aware of Aluminium’s unique qualities for over a century. Aluminium being one of the most globally abundant materials available, its formability, high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance and ease of recycling make it the ideal material for a variety of building applications. Commercial windows and doors must meet a myriad of functions and be environmentally sustainable, be weather resistant, secure and be energy efficient”.

The world-leading architectural aluminium system suppliers that we work with offer strong environmental credentials that allow us to offer our clients the very best options for an eco-conscious build.

Senior Architectural Systems, another of our world leading suppliers sums this up perfectly:

“Our world is a beautiful place, so we need to look after it. At Senior we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. From our choice of responsibly sourced recyclable materials, to our constant search for new ways to save energy, we are 100% committed to reducing our impact on the environment.”

Visit our suppliers Senior Architectural Systems and Comar to read more about how they are championing sustainability.

Happy Aluminium Day to all for March 13th.